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Bonded White Fillings

Experience bonded white fillings that are virtually indistinguishable from your natural tooth enamel at LPS Dental!

Bonded white fillings are a great way to repair teeth that have suffered from:

  • Chips and cracks
  • Decay
  • Unsightly amalgam fillings
  • Wear and tear

Our contemporary filling material is durable, functional and highly aesthetically pleasing.

Bonded White Fillings in Chicago, IL

In just a single appointment our dental professionals can create an acrylic resin filling that is:

  1. Color-matched to the exact shade of your natural tooth
  2. Mimics the translucent qualities of your tooth enamel
  3. Is artfully applied to blend with the natural texture of your existing teeth

A blend of art and science, our contemporary filling materials provide a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional filling material such as amalgam.

What Are Bonded White Fillings?

Bonded white fillings are also known as composite fillings. They are made from a special acrylic composite resin that matches the appearance of natural dental matter. The resin is relatively translucent and white and is used in the treatment of cavities, chips and cracks, gapped teeth, etc. It is designed to fill teeth where natural dental matter is absent.

Bonded White Fillings Procedure

This technique was developed over 50 years ago and has improved considerably since then. Not only has there been advancement in the technology used to manufacture this material, but application techniques have improved as well.

Our experienced Chicago cosmetic dentists at LPS Dental will make sure there are no gaps between the filling and the natural dental material. This gives the tooth’s surface a seamless and smooth appearance. Here’s a look at what you can expect during the filling procedure at our dental office.

  • Cleaning – The first thing the dentist will do is clean the affected tooth and clear all the debris from the area.
  • Prepare the Tooth – They will then prepare the tooth by removing some dental matter and shaping the natural tooth as required. Once the natural tooth is shaped well, the dentist will start the filling process.
  • Applying the Bonding Agent – The dentist will apply the bonding agent on the prepared tooth to ensure the resin adheres well to the underlying natural dental matter.
  • Adding the Filling – Once the bonding agent is in place, they will apply the filling, shape it to match the natural contours of the patient’s existing teeth, and ensure that the joint is seamless and smooth.
  • Curing – The final step of the filling process is to cure the filling with a special light to ensure it is solid, stable, and that it stays in place. The filling can’t be reshaped easily after it cures.

Once this is done and the filling is in place, the dentist will polish the teeth and ensure the patient is comfortable before sending them home.

Not For Everyone

Like most other dental treatments, fillings are not the right solution for every dental problem. If your tooth has a large crack running down to the nerve, a filling won’t help. Similarly, if the tooth has a major cavity and its integrity is compromised, a dental filling won’t help. You will need a root canal and a dental crown for this issue.

White bonded fillings are for milder forms of tooth damage and for cosmetic repairs rather than serious dental concerns. Our dentist will carefully examine your teeth and determine what kind of treatment you need. If fillings are suitable for the issue, the treatment can be carried out in one appointment.

Fillings will stay in place for anywhere between 5 and 10 years if you maintain your teeth well. You need to visit the dentist regularly to ensure they’re in good condition because filings can wear or crack over time. The dentist will either replace the worn fillings or perform a root canal.

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