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Case Study: Cosmetic Crowns


Old crowns on Ashley’s lateral incisors had outlived their usefulness and were no longer aesthetically pleasing.


Remove old crowns, reshape gum, and fabricate new crowns.


This “before” shot shows Ashley’s existing two lateral incisor crowns that we agreed needed to be improved. Do you notice how square the lateral incisor looks on the left of the picture? After her two old crowns were removed, we worked to balance her gingival levels and create a more harmonious shape of the lateral incisor. We accomplished this by raising the gum above the left lateral with a minor gum procedure.

The next stage is the initial try-in of the porcelain crowns where the emulation of nature begins. Here, subtle changes of the shape and contours are noted and nuances of color are added with an artist’s brush.

In the photograph to the left, you see the ceramic crowns that were fired in an oven and are now ready for their permanent cementation. Before moving onto the last step, the right photograph shows that the crowns are once again put into place with a critical eye toward making sure everything looks perfect and everyone is happy.

In this final shot, you can see Ashley’s improved gum architecture, improved color, and even how the incisal edges have the same character as her two centre natural teeth.

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