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Case Study: Crowns and Corrective Gum Surgery


Brandon was unhappy with the current shape, color match and gum position of his front right central incisor (to the left of photo).  Additionally, there were bonding on the left central incisor that extended into the back of the tooth.


Corrective gum surgery, whiten teeth and create new crowns.


Corrective gum surgery is performed to move the gum margin down on the right central and slightly up on the left central. Then, his teeth were professionally whitened. Our team then created new, all ceramic (metal free) EMAX crowns on the two central incisors.

Note the subtle nuances that made Brandon’s new teeth perfect. Tooth shape is actually more important that tooth color or form. Therefore, the two new teeth were lengthened to an esthetically pleasing length and incisal effects were added so that the biting edges matched the adjacent teeth. Also, subtle surface texture was added to the new porcelain teeth to match the texture of the adjacent teeth.

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