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Case Study: Implants and Crowns


Fred’s four front teeth were found to be hopeless and had to be removed. In addition to his canine teeth needing full coverage crowns, he was also missing a tooth adjacent to his left canine.


Five dental implants and two crowns


To facilitate a state-of-the-art surgical procedure for the placement of Fred’s dental implants, we first generated a 3-D model of his mouth by utilizing a computer CT-Scan. This first step was critical for the precise placement and position of the teeth and implants.

Next, working from Fred’s 3-D model, we employed computer technology once again to make the supporting structures known as implant abutments. A highly-skilled ‘ceramist’ then adds porcelain (tooth-like material) on top of the abutments.

After the porcelain is “fired” in an oven the four new teeth implants were test-fitted in Fred’s mouth. At the same time, two full crowns, one to the left and one to the right of the four implants, were also test-fitted. Last, comes all restorations at the try-in stage.

Here is a series of views showing Fred’s final, beautiful, and very happy smile.

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