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Case Study: Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Brandon was unhappy with the current shape, color match and gum position of his front right central incisor (to the left of photo).  Additionally, there were bonding on the left central incisor that extended into the back of the tooth. It was his goal to prevent losing anymore tooth structure, protect the remaining tooth structure, and improve the overall appearance of his smile.


Full mouth rehabilitation by increasing the patient’s “bite” to give him back the tooth structure he lost. This would be accomplished by restoring every tooth in his mouth with direct composite fillings, porcelain veneers, and porcelain crown.


Before starting Marco’s case, it was first important to determine our end goal. We accomplished this by first doing direct “mock up” of the patient’s central incisors.  From this mock up, a custom diagnostic wax model was made that would allow us to see or end goal.

The teeth were prepared 1 arch at a time, custom shades taken, and temporary crowns and veneers fabricated. This is a very crucial step because the temporaries allow the patient to go home and do a “trial” of their new smile. The teeth can look beautiful but if he cannot talk, eat, or function with them, the beauty is for nothing. During this time we make any adjustments to the smile, finalize color/shade, and other aesthetic concerns before we have the laboratory create the final restorations.

With the final restorations in place, you can see that we were able to achieve both our clinical goals and Marco’s goals. Marco is the ideal patient, he understands the full commitment and investment he made in his smile and he is meticulous with his home care and his in-office cleaning appointments.

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