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Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed Dental Bridges in Chicago

Here at LPS Dental, your dental health is our biggest priority. Having your complete set of teeth is vital to your daily activities, from chewing food to speaking, proper mouth alignment is essential.

Dental bridges are fixed appliances and are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. It replaces missing teeth by attaching an artificial tooth to adjacent natural teeth, called abutment teeth. Bridges are either removable or permanently attached.

Our team of top-notch dentists will make getting your bridge a pleasant, pain-free experience.

Why do I need a dental bridge?

If you have one or more missing teeth, it affects both your appearance and your dental health. Many may underestimate the importance of a complete set of teeth, but missing one tooth can disrupt your daily functions. Fortunately, there are several options for correcting tooth loss and retain the proper function of your mouth. Fixed bridges are a simple way to replace your missing teeth and restore your dental health affordably. The dental bridges are applied by either placing crowns on the abutment teeth or by bonding the artificial teeth directly to the abutment teeth. Removable bridges are attached to the teeth with clasps that are typically made of metal.

Why choose LPS Dental for your dental bridge?

We value your mouth’s health, but also it’s appearance and your self-confidence in your smile. At LPS Dental, we offer high quality and state of the art dental treatments to all our patients. We provide our doctors with the most up to date equipment and technology to best serve you.

We are aware of how vital the shape of your face is to your general appearance. so we do not just provide you with an alternative to traditional dentistry. With our Chicago dentists, getting you smiling again comes at an affordable price.

Fixed Dental Bridges

The most popular type of bridge appliance is the fixed dental bridge which consists of a filler tooth (pontic) that is attached to the dental crowns of surrounding teeth. The dental crowns are fitted over the existing teeth to hold the dental bridge in place.

In cases where the missing tooth space has no surrounding teeth, the dentist will recommend a dental implant. When more than one teeth are missing, the dentist may suggest a partial denture as the most effective way to maintain the structure of your jawbone.

What it’s like to get a fixed bridge

At LPS Dental, it takes only 2-3 visits with your dentist to get your dental bridge in place. In your first appointment, the teeth at either end of the gap are prepared by removing a portion of the enamel and dentin to allow a crown. Then a highly accurate impression is made which will be sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge will be fabricated.  Also, a temporary bridge will be made and worn for several weeks until your next appointment.

On your next visit, our doctors will carefully check the permanent bridge and make sure it’s a proper fit. Most times, our dentists will temporarily cement the bridge to allow your teeth time to adjust to the new fitting.  The bridge will be permanently cemented at a later time.

How do I take care of my dental bridge?

Our patient’s well-being brings us great joy. Our professionals recommend a strict regimen of brushing and flossing to help keep the teeth clean. With simple oral hygiene and regular checkups, your dental bridge can last for up to 10 years.

Is LPS Dental right for me?

Our  trained professionals will carefully asses your mouth and provide you with a proper diagnosis of every potential and present complication. After which, proper steps will be taken to ensure our goal of restoring your dental health is achieved. Call us today to get started!

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