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Revitalize and strengthen damaged teeth with dental crowns!

Crowns are used to cover or “cap” a damaged tooth. During this procedure, the damaged part of a tooth is removed and replaced with a permanent prosthetic cap. This technique strengthens and protects weakened teeth from further damage, and can also improve the appearance of a discolored or misshapen tooth.

Crowns can be used to:

  • Strengthen teeth that have suffered from extensive damage
  • Reinforce teeth that have undergone root canal treatment
  • Attach to dental implants as a prosthetic tooth replacement.
At LPS Dental, we have invested in highly advanced restoration design and manufacturing technology to provide restorative dentistry.

How Are Dental Crowns Installed?

Dental crowns are used in a wide range of treatments and the installation process varies based on the treatment. For example, the procedure for installation is different if the patient has an implant and different if they have a root canal. Here’s a brief look at the dental crown installation process:

  • Examination – The dentist will first examine the damaged tooth or teeth to determine what kind of treatment is needed. The goal is to preserve as much of the natural teeth as possible.
  • Preparation – Dental crowns can’t be placed on full-sized natural teeth because that will throw off the natural alignment of your mouth. The dentist will need to remove some dental matter to create space for the teeth. This is not required in the case of implants or total loss of visible tooth matter.
  • Measure – Once the tooth is prepared, the dentist will measure the space carefully to determine what the dimension of the crown will be. These measurements are sent to a lab where the new crown is fabricated. The patients will get a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready.
  • Permanent Installation – Once the dentist receives the permanent crown, they will carefully remove the temporary one and place it on the natural root or implant. The permanent crown is glued to the underlying base with a special dental cement or will be mounted on the implant.

Once the permanent crown is in place, the patient can carry out their regular lifestyle. It is important to follow the dentist’s instructions to the letter to ensure the crown stays in place for a long time.


Top-Quality Chicago Dental Crowns: Your Guide to a Brilliant Smile

Are you looking for Chicago dental crowns? Whether you’re dealing with a damaged tooth or aiming for cosmetic enhancement, finding the right dental crown solution in Chicago is crucial for your oral health and smile confidence. In this guide, we dive into the essential information you need: the types of crowns available, the step-by-step procedural insights, cost factors, and why locals trust LPS Dental for their crowning needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Dental crowns serve as both a restorative treatment and a protective shield for compromised teeth, with LPS Dental offering high-quality porcelain and metal options that mimic natural teeth and provide durability and aesthetic benefits.

  • The crown placement process at LPS Dental is streamlined using CEREC technology for same-day services, which involves an initial consultation, tooth preparation with digital impressions, and precise fabrication of the permanent crown by a dental lab for a secure fit and natural look.

  • LPS Dental provides a wealth of experience since 1996, cutting-edge technology for expedited procedures, and a commitment to patient satisfaction.

Understanding Dental Crowns: A Comprehensive Overview

Chicago dentists at LPS Dental

Dental crowns are not just a restorative treatment; they serve as a protective shield, covering and supporting a tooth that has been compromised due to decay, damage, or aesthetic concerns. At LPS Dental, we are committed to delivering high-quality crowns, ensuring that your restored tooth not only blends seamlessly with your natural teeth but also withstands the test of time.

Crafted using high-quality materials such as porcelain and metal, our dental crowns offer the following benefits:

  • They mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth

  • They ensure that your enhanced smile feels just as good as it looks

  • They allow you to go about your daily activities with newfound confidence

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be crafted from a variety of materials, each with its unique advantages and applications. Choices range from metals such as gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium, known for their strength and resilience, to ceramic and porcelain variants that blend in seamlessly with the natural aesthetics of your teeth.

There are several types of dental crowns to choose from, including:

  • Metal crowns, which are made of alloys like gold or silver

  • Pressed ceramic crowns, which have a strong ceramic core layered with porcelain to mimic tooth enamel

  • All-porcelain crowns, which provide excellent aesthetics without the risk of an allergic reaction for those with metal allergies

  • All-resin dental crowns, which are a cost-effective alternative, although they are less durable

Porcelain and zirconia crowns are preferred for their aesthetic customization and durability, making them suitable for visible areas in the mouth.

Indications for Dental Crown Placement

Dental crowns are a versatile solution for a range of dental health and cosmetic concerns. They are often necessary to:

  • Protect and restore teeth severely damaged by extensive decay, infection, or trauma

  • Repair broken, badly chipped, or infected teeth

  • Serve as the visible replacement part in dental implant procedures

In addition to addressing dental health issues, crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes. For instance, if you’re looking to enhance your tooth’s appearance, a crown can be the perfect solution. At LPS Dental, we even offer same-day crown restorations, ensuring that you walk out with an improved and confident smile after just one visit.

The Dental Crown Process at LPS Dental

A patient with a perfect smile after cosmetic dental treatments at LPS Dental in Chicago

The journey to a restored smile with dental crowns at LPS Dental is a seamless process, designed to protect your smile by preventing further dental damage and preserving the strength of the tooth. Whether you need a crown to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth, our team is committed to providing you with the highest level of care and attention every step of the way.

With the aid of CEREC technology, we can expedite the process of creating dental crowns. Our same-day crown services utilize digital dental impressions and in-house milling machines, saving you time and costs associated with multiple dental visits. This efficient and state-of-the-art approach underscores our commitment to providing top-quality dental care that fits into your busy schedule.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Your journey towards a restored smile and improved oral health begins with an initial consultation at LPS Dental. During this visit, our dentist conducts a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums, discusses your dental habits, and takes necessary x-rays. This thorough evaluation allows us to understand your unique dental needs, laying the foundation for a treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Tooth Preparation and Impressions

After the initial consultation, the next step involves preparing the tooth for the dental crown, also known as a tooth shaped cap. This process includes shaping the tooth structure and removing any decay or old fillings. The goal is to create an optimal surface for the crown to adhere, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Once the tooth is prepared, we take the following steps:

  1. We take impressions to ensure the permanent crown will fit precisely and function properly.

  2. These impressions are sent to a dental laboratory where the custom crown is created, a process that typically takes 2-3 weeks.

  3. To protect the prepared tooth during this time, we provide you with a temporary crown.

Permanent Crown Fabrication and Placement

The fabrication of your permanent dental crown is a meticulous process carried out in a professional dental lab. Here, the crown is crafted to match the natural color of your teeth and fit precisely. This attention to detail ensures that your new crown will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a natural and comfortable fit.

Upon the completion of the crown, you will return to our office for the final placement. The final steps include:

  1. The custom-made crown is securely cemented in place using a special dental adhesive.

  2. The crown is polished to perfection.

  3. This ensures that your new crown not only looks great but feels comfortable and functions just like your natural teeth.

Advantages of Choosing LPS Dental for Your Dental Crowns

Choosing LPS Dental for your dental crowns comes with several advantages:

  • We utilize cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology to expedite the process of creating dental crowns.

  • This technology enables us to offer same-day crown services by utilizing digital dental impressions and in-house milling machines.

  • This means you can receive your new crown in a single visit, saving you time and reducing the inconvenience of multiple appointments.

Furthermore, LPS Dental offers the following benefits:

  • Providing dental crown treatments since 1996, demonstrating a strong history and trusted experience in restorative dental services

  • A legacy of excellence and commitment to patient satisfaction

  • Assuring the highest quality of care and treatment outcomes when you choose them for your dental crowns

Caring for Your New Dental Crown

A patient with a beautiful smile after a smile makeover at LPS Dental in Chicago

Once your new dental crown is in place, it’s crucial to maintain it through regular oral hygiene. This includes:

  • Using a soft toothbrush

  • Using non-abrasive toothpaste

  • Gentle brushing, especially at the gum line, to prevent scratching the crown’s surface and keeping the edges clean.

In addition to daily care, it’s essential to:

  • Schedule and attend dental cleanings every six months. These appointments are vital for the maintenance of dental crowns, as the margins may accumulate more plaque than natural teeth.

  • If you grind your teeth, wearing a nightguard can help protect your crowns.

  • Be diligent with daily flossing around the crown to prevent plaque build-up.

With proper care, your dental crowns can last from 10 to 15 years or longer, making them a worthwhile investment in your smile.

Dental Crown Costs and Insurance Coverage

Investing in your smile with dental crowns is indeed a worthwhile endeavor, but it’s natural to consider the costs involved. The cost of dental crowns in Chicago can vary widely, with prices for a single tooth ranging from $800 to $3,000. It’s important to research and compare options to find the best value for your dental care. However, the exact cost can vary based on individual dental needs and specifics of the procedure.

Porcelain crowns can cost anywhere from $800 to over $3,000 per tooth. The final price can vary based on different factors such as:

  • The location of the dental practice

  • The experience and expertise of the dentist

  • The materials used for the crown

  • The complexity of the procedure

  • Any additional treatments or procedures required

It’s recommended to consult with a dentist to get an accurate estimate of the cost of dental crowns based on your specific needs.

While the cost may seem daunting, it’s important to remember that many dental insurance plans provide coverage for dental crowns. The extent of coverage can vary depending on the specific plan, so it’s crucial to check with your provider to understand your benefits and potential out-of-pocket costs.

Alternative Treatment Options

While dental crowns are an effective solution for many dental health and cosmetic concerns, they are not the only treatment option available at LPS Dental. Dental veneers, for instance, can be a suitable choice for patients not requiring the extensive restoration that crowns provide. They can improve the aesthetics of teeth by addressing issues such as discoloration, chips, and minor misalignments.

If you have a damaged or weakened tooth, dental bridges, removable partial dentures, and dental implants provide alternatives to dental crowns for a weakened tooth. For damage to molars that’s not severe enough to necessitate a full crown, inlays and onlays offer a more conservative treatment option. We also place tooth-colored fillings to address cavities, providing a functional and visually appealing alternative to traditional fillings.

For extensive dental health issues, full mouth reconstructions can improve both the overall appearance and function of your teeth and mouth. At LPS Dental, we conduct a thorough assessment during the initial consultation to determine the best treatment plan for your unique needs, including esthetic restorations and restorative treatments.


In conclusion, dental crowns are a versatile solution for restoring the form, function, and appearance of damaged or compromised teeth. At LPS Dental, we offer top-quality dental crowns, crafted from high-quality materials and customized to match your natural teeth. With our cutting-edge technology and experienced team, you can achieve a restored smile in a single visit. And with proper care and maintenance, your new crowns can last for many years, making them a worthwhile investment in your oral health and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dental crowns used for?

Dental crowns are used to cover damaged teeth, strengthen weakened teeth, improve the appearance of discolored or misshapen teeth, and support dental implants. They can also reinforce teeth after root canal treatment.

How are dental crowns installed?

The installation of dental crowns involves examining the damaged tooth, preparing it, taking measurements, placing a temporary crown, and then permanently installing the crown by removing the temporary one and using dental cement to affix the permanent crown.

How long do dental crowns last?

Dental crowns can last from 10 to 15 years or longer with proper care, making them a significant long-term restoration of teeth.

What materials are used for dental crowns?

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic, porcelain, and combinations like porcelain-fused-to-metal, depending on individual needs and preferences.

Are there alternatives to dental crowns?

Yes, there are alternatives to dental crowns such as dental veneers, bridges, inlays, and full mouth reconstructions, based on individual needs and assessments. Consider discussing these options with your dentist to determine the best solution for your situation.

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