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When restoring your smile with dental implants, bridges, and crowns, you can trust the smile experts at LPS Dental to restore your smile to what it once was.

  • Skill, Expertise, and Sound Clinical Judgement: LPS dental experts offer in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and advanced training to provide the best outcomes. We take an inherently conservative approach to teeth because that best way to ensure the health of your smile for years to come.
  • A Patient-Centered Approach to Dentistry: The most important ability we bring to the dental chair is listening and understanding your goals. We create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your cater to your specific needs, ensuring optimal oral health as well as making sure you leave happy.
  • Advanced Techniques and Technology: Dentistry continually evolves, and LPS offers you the latest in dental expertise, training, and technology. From digital imaging to laser dentistry and minimally invasive procedures, dentists strive to provide you with a superior dental experience.

Dental implants offer sturdy and permanent replacement by embedding posts in the jawbone to anchor your new prosthetic teeth, while providing a natural look and feel. LPS meticulously crafts your implants, you can confidently enjoy a smile that mirrors the beauty and functionality of natural teeth.

  • Looks Natural: Reignite the confidence you’ve lost. With teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from natural, you’ll regain years in your appearance.
  • Saves Jaw Bone: Stimulating bone growth and prevents facial sagging that occurs from years of deterioration of missing teeth.
  • Highly Successful: Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, helping you keep you smiling for years to come.

Dental crowns are custom-made caps that enhance the appearance and functionality of damaged or decayed teeth.

  • Achieve a flawless smile by covering dental imperfections and restoring the natural shape and color of your teeth with dental crowns crafted to fit your mouth
  • Provide added support and durability, allowing you to bite, chew, and speak with ease.
  • Designed to withstand daily wear and tear, providing you with a durable and beautiful smile for a lifetime

Restorative Dentistry Chicago: LPS Dental

Are you looking to restore your smile and improve your oral health? Look no further! LPS Dental in Chicago offers comprehensive restorative dentistry services that cater to diverse dental needs. Discover the benefits of restorative dentistry Chicago, including dental implants, bridges, tooth-colored fillings, and full mouth reconstruction, along with the importance of preventive care and choosing the right restorative dentist. Get ready to embark on a journey to a healthier, more confident smile!

  • LPS Dental in Chicago offers comprehensive restorative dentistry solutions for restoring teeth, including dental implants, bridges and crowns.

  • Advanced technology is used to provide efficient treatments with improved accuracy while addressing common concerns about restorative dentistry.

  • Insurance coverage and financing options are available to help make treatment more accessible.

Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry in Chicago

Chicago dentists at LPS Dental

Maintaining oral health and achieving an aesthetically pleasing smile hinge on restorative dentistry. LPS Dental, a leading provider of restorative dentistry services in Chicago, offers comprehensive solutions to restore the function and beauty of your natural teeth. Some of the treatments offered by LPS Dental include:

  • Dental implants

  • Tooth-colored fillings

  • Dental crowns

  • Dental bridges

  • Dentures

These treatments are designed to address a wide range of dental issues, ultimately leading to a healthy smile and beautiful appearance.

The success of restorative treatments heavily relies on quality dental care from an experienced dentist with a deep understanding of your mouth. At LPS Dental, our team is committed to precision and excellence, providing top-notch dental care to our patients in the Magnificent Mile area and beyond.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are a reliable and natural-like option for replacing missing teeth. They provide a stable and natural-feeling solution while promoting overall dental care. Here are some benefits of dental implants:

  • They help preserve gum and bone tissue.

  • They distribute biting forces to protect healthier teeth.

  • They offer preventive measures to keep your smile intact.

  • They can prevent the misalignment of adjacent teeth, which can compromise both your bite and aesthetics.

Dental implants, popular among patients looking to restore their smiles and regain their confidence, are accessible to most individuals who meet the medical requirements. At LPS Dental, we understand the importance of providing our patients with the best treatment options for their unique dental needs and strive to ensure that your dental implant journey is comfortable and successful.

Dental Bridges to Fill Gaps

An image of a dental bridge used in restorative dentistry Chicago to fill gaps between teeth.

Dental bridges and removable partial dentures are viable options for those looking to fill gaps left by missing teeth. Designed to replace one or more missing teeth, dental bridges can effectively prevent the nearby teeth from weakening, shifting, or compromising your overall oral health. At LPS Dental, Dr. Manikowski offers both traditional bridges, anchored with crowns, and implant-supported bridges for enhanced durability and realistic support.

Opting for a dental bridge offers several benefits:

  • Restores your smile

  • Safeguards the health of adjacent teeth

  • Maintains dental function Trust LPS Dental to provide you with the best solution for your dental needs, and regain your confidence in your smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Enhanced Aesthetics

Tooth-colored fillings are an excellent solution for repairing teeth damaged by cavities, providing a more natural appearance than traditional amalgam fillings. At LPS Dental, we use high-quality composite materials to create tooth-colored fillings, ensuring a seamless bond and reduced sensitivity for our patients.

Utilizing the newest composite bonding material, our tooth-colored fillings expedite restorative procedures while minimizing the potential for post-operative tooth sensitivity. With LPS Dental’s commitment to quality dental care, you can trust that your tooth-colored fillings will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, enhancing both the function and aesthetics of your smile.

Customized Full Mouth Reconstruction

A dentist performing a full mouth reconstruction on a patient, showing the importance of customized full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a complex dental treatment plan designed to improve the overall appearance and function of your mouth by rebuilding and/or replacing all the teeth in a patient’s mouth. At LPS Dental, our dentists conduct a thorough assessment of your teeth, gums, temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles, and bite to determine the best treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Assessing the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw, as well as determining the most suitable treatment plan for you, require a comprehensive examination. With our personalized approach to full mouth reconstruction, LPS Dental aims to restore the full function and beauty of your smile through phased treatment, ensuring the best possible outcomes for each individual.

Dental Crowns for Damaged or Missing Teeth

Dental crowns are a versatile restorative treatment option for damaged or missing teeth, as well as addressing tooth loss. They can reestablish the strength, function, and aesthetics of a compromised or decayed tooth structure and can also be utilized to replace absent teeth with cosmetic alternatives. Dental crowns are robust and can endure for many years with appropriate maintenance.

Two dentist visits are typically required to obtain a dental crown. The initial visit involves tooth preparation and impression taking, which is forwarded to a dental lab for crown fabrication. The subsequent visit ensures fitting and adjustment of the crown for accurate placement.

At LPS Dental, we ensure that our dental crowns are custom-designed to meet your specific needs, providing you with the best possible solution for your dental concerns.

Inlays and Onlays: Conservative Molar Repair

Inlays and onlays are restorative treatments used to repair molars affected by cracks, fractures, or large cavities, offering a smaller and less invasive alternative to dental crowns. These restorations provide comfortable mastication and a natural aesthetic, as they are designed to match the form and hue of the tooth.

The process of placing inlays and onlays involves:

  1. Removing the damaged portion of the tooth

  2. Taking an impression of the tooth

  3. Creating a custom-made inlay or onlay using the impression

  4. Cementing the inlay or onlay in place

At LPS Dental, our team is committed to providing the highest quality restorations, ensuring that your inlays and onlays blend seamlessly with your natural teeth and function effectively.

The Importance of Preventive Care in Restorative Dentistry

A dental hygienist cleaning a patient's teeth, showing the importance of preventive care in restorative dentistry

In restorative dentistry, preventive care is paramount as it curtails the need for future comprehensive and costly treatments. With a focus on prevention, restorative dentistry endeavors to reduce the risk of dental issues and preserve oral health. LPS Dental emphasizes the importance of preventive care, including regular dental checkups, cleanings, and patient education for long-term oral health.

Taking measures to preserve oral health and prevent the need for restorative treatments not only saves time and money but also ensures that your teeth and gums remain in optimal condition. At LPS Dental, we are dedicated to helping our patients maintain their oral health through comprehensive preventive care.

Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Regular dentist visits are integral to preserving oral health and circumventing complex restorative treatments. Regular dental checkups and cleanings can aid in the early detection and treatment of potential issues, thus reducing the necessity for more comprehensive restorative treatments. Additionally, they can help preserve optimal oral health and hygiene.

At LPS Dental, we understand the importance of maintaining good oral health and encourage our patients to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings. By catching potential problems early on, we can help ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and minimize the need for more invasive restorative procedures.

Patient Education for Long-Term Oral Health

In preventive care for restorative dentistry, patient education is vital in equipping patients with essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills for effective oral health management. By understanding the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and practicing proper oral care habits, patients can prevent future dental issues and ensure the longevity of their restorative treatments.

LPS Dental is committed to educating our patients on the importance of good oral hygiene and the role it plays in preventing dental issues. Through personalized consultations and comprehensive patient education, we help our patients develop the skills and habits necessary to maintain their oral health for a lifetime.

Choosing LPS Dental - The Right Restorative Dentist in Chicago

A dentist and a patient discussing treatment options, showing the importance of choosing the right restorative dentist in Chicago

Choosing the appropriate restorative dentist in Chicago entails considering aspects like experience, advanced technology, and patient satisfaction. LPS Dental prides itself on providing top-notch dental care, utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure precise and efficient treatments for our patients.

When choosing a restorative dentist, it is important to evaluate their expertise and credentials, the variety of services provided, and the use of modern technology. LPS Dental is dedicated to offering comprehensive restorative dentistry services and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Trust in our team to guide you through your restorative dental journey and help you achieve a healthier, more confident smile.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dentist

Choosing a restorative dentist in Chicago requires the consideration of several factors, including:

  • The dentist’s expertise and credentials

  • The range of services provided

  • The use of contemporary technology

  • The location, hours, and convenience of the dentist’s office

  • Their approach to addressing dental anxiety

  • Insurance coverage

By evaluating these factors, you can find a restorative dentist in Chicago that meets your needs and provides high-quality dental care.

At LPS Dental, we pride ourselves on our experience, credentials, and commitment to patient satisfaction. We understand that each patient’s needs are unique, and we work diligently to ensure that our treatment plans are tailored to meet those needs. Our modern office, located in the Magnificent Mile area, provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients, making your dental experience as stress-free as possible.

The Role of Advanced Technology in Restorative Dentistry

Advanced technology in restorative dentistry allows for a more precise diagnosis and treatment, faster treatment times, and increased patient comfort. At LPS Dental, we embrace cutting-edge technology, such as digital X-rays and digital scans, to provide efficient and effective treatments for our patients.

Selecting a restorative dentist in Chicago that utilizes advanced technology offers several advantages, such as more accurate and efficient treatments, reduced time spent in the dental chair, and improved overall patient experience. Trust in LPS Dental’s commitment to utilizing the latest technology in restorative dentistry to ensure the best possible outcomes for your dental needs.

Addressing Common Concerns About Restorative Dentistry

A patient discussing cost and insurance coverage with a dentist, showing the importance of addressing common concerns about restorative dentistry

LPS Dental understands that patients may have concerns about restorative dentistry, such as fear of pain or discomfort, worry about cost, and concerns about the longevity and durability of restorations. We are committed to addressing these concerns and working with our patients to find the most suitable solutions for their dental needs.

Our team at LPS Dental is dedicated to providing a comfortable and stress-free experience for our patients. We offer the following services:

  • Navigating insurance coverage

  • Discussing treatment options

  • Ensuring that you are fully informed about the process and expected outcomes of your restorative treatments

We strive to make your dental experience as smooth and informative as possible.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

The financial aspect of restorative dentistry hinges on the specific treatment and materials used. At LPS Dental, we understand that affordability is an important factor for our patients, which is why we accept most major insurance plans and offer financing options to make treatment more accessible.

Timely repair of existing issues and preventive care, such as regular dental cleanings, are the most effective methods for reducing expenses related to restorative dental procedures. Our team at LPS Dental is dedicated to helping you maximize your insurance coverage and find affordable solutions for your dental needs.

Treatment Options for Various Dental Needs

LPS Dental provides a broad range of treatments to cater to diverse dental needs, targeting the best possible outcomes. These treatments include:

We understand that each patient’s dental needs are unique, and we strive to provide personalized treatment plans that cater to these diverse needs. By focusing on preventive care and offering a wide range of treatment options, LPS Dental ensures that our patients receive the best possible care and achieve long-term oral health.

Chicago Restorative Dentistry

LPS Dental is your go-to destination for comprehensive restorative dentistry services in Chicago. With a focus on personalized treatment plans, cutting-edge technology, and preventive care, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Don’t wait any longer to restore your smile and confidence – schedule an appointment with LPS Dental today and begin your journey towards a brighter, healthier future.

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