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Minimally Invasive Dentistry


At LPS Dental, we believe in providing our patients with a wide range of accessible and affordable treatment options. Minimally invasive dentistry is the most modern forms of general dentistry. Our dentists have adopted minimally invasive dentistry to restore, protect, and prevent dental complications in our patients. By eliminating the use of drills, we’re able to help our patients preserve most of their tooth by tackling the problem using dental lasers, air abrasion, and other advanced diagnostic tools and technology.

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When it comes to providing our patients with superior dental care, it’s important we stay up to date with the latest methods and technology to better serve you. This is why we have adopted minimally invasive dentistry in our office. This provides our clients with an affordable alternative to traditional dentistry. With minimally invasive dentistry, our patients can still experience the same dental care they deserve but maintain a natural smile and healthy teeth for years to come.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Providing superior care for our patients is our leading priority. Through minimally invasive dentistry, we can now offer our patients numerous treatment options as an alternative to traditionally invasive dentistry. By using minimally invasive dentistry, you’ll notice numerous benefits, including:

  • Preservation of Dental Tissue: By preserving your dental tissue, we can offer you more attractive and affordable results that can’t be found in standard dentistry procedures.
  • A Gentle Alternative: We use the most advanced technology to preserve your tooth, bone, and tissue to remove and treat only the infected areas.
  • Affordable: We strive to help our patients with affordable dental treatment options. We offer minimally invasive dentistry for patients looking for dental care at competitive prices.
  • Prevention Focused: We focus on preventing common dental problems and guiding our patients through tips to maintain healthy teeth. Minimally invasive dentistry allows us to help you preserve your teeth and work on problem areas as dental complications arise.


Minimally invasive dentistry may not be suitable for every patient. We will determine if it’s right for you by providing various evaluations that determine the health of your teeth. First, we will check for the risk of tooth decay and cavities. This process is completed by checking for tartar buildup, excess consumption of sugars and starches, your diet, and the quantity of your saliva. Once we determine if you’re at risk of tooth decay, we will develop a treatment plan to slow decay through various treatment options.

Technology and Techniques

When it comes to minimally invasive dentistry, we use the latest technology and techniques to deliver superior care at an affordable cost. Minimally invasive dentistry is an alternative to cutting out pieces of the tooth, bone, or gum tissue that could otherwise be preserved to promote a natural-looking smile and healthy teeth. To help you maintain a long-lasting and healthy smile, we use the following tools and techniques:

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Hard Tissue Lasers
  • Air Abrasion
  • Microabrasion
  • Orthodontics and More

Is Minimally Invasive Dentistry Right for Me?

Our doctors will take a close look at your teeth and current complications to find out if minimally invasive dentistry is right for you.

More Treatment Options Than Ever Before

As we adopt minimally invasive dentistry, we provide our patients with more treatment options than before. Whether you need sealants to protect a decayed tooth or mini-implants to replace broken or missing teeth, minimally invasive dentistry may be an option for you.


Minimally invasive dentistry offers a wide variety of treatment options for patients who suffer from a wide range of dental complications. We offer treatment for the following dental problems:

  • Non-Invasive Periodontal Disease Treatment: Gum disease is a common complication amongst many Americans. Our team is prepared to help your gums heal through gentle treatments that will restore and protect their health.
  • Sealants: Protect your teeth that are susceptible to tooth decay with sealants. These do not require cutting into the gums but are placed over the decaying tooth to protect it from acid and buildup.
  • Air Abrasion: If your tooth is decaying or cannot be remineralized, air abrasion is a common form of minimally invasive dentistry that is highly effective.
  • Veneers: Minimally invasive dentistry has become an alternative to tooth sensitivity and failing veneers. Instead of an aggressive preparation process, we offer a non-abrasive preparation for patients who need veneers.

Find Out More About Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Our dentists will help you determine if minimally invasive dentistry is right for you by taking a close look at your dental health and if your condition qualifies for these methods and procedures.